10+ Funny Examples Of Pareidolia In Everyday Objects

Scroll down and prepare to put your eyes to the test.

Are you the kind of person who recognizes faces out of the objects you see every day? like you seen a face in your coffee cup, a rabbit in clouds, or a sad man’s face in the Moon? You are not crazy! It’s pareidolia – a psychological phenomenon of seeing faces in everyday objects.

And even if that sounds too much scientific prepare experience more Pareidolia through these hilarious examples we’ve compiled below.Scroll down and prepare to put your eyes to the test.

#1 Everyone Calm The F*ck Down

via: potatofree

#2 Floor Of Dogs

via: SupremeHug

#3 I Climbed Down A Very Dangerous And Muddy Hill To Take This Shitty, Blurry Photo, So Please Enjoy The Cookie Monster Face I Found Along The Mississippi River

#5 Bird Poop On My Windshield Looks Exactly Like The Head Of A Pigeon

via: charboodie

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