10+ Photos That Prove Kids Are Copy-Paste Versions Of Their Parents

These kids are just copy-paste versions of their parents

Always when we first see a newborn we have a debate who exactly the newborn child look like.This is probably happened in every family, but do you know that sometimes there is no need about those debate and discussion just because a newborn end up looking like a near copy and paste version of one of their parent.

Well, these photos quickly end all the debates showing children that are look alikes of their parents. Watch the photos below and enjoy!

#1 Father And Son, Both 20 Years Old

via: boom1397

#2 Father And Daughter

via: Corin Kane

#3 Mother And Daughter

via: DroidsRugly

#4 My Father Passed When I Was 4, But People Always Told Me That I Looked Like Him

via: Sgt-Yux2

#5 Father And Son

via: gassmaster

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