10+ Times People Shopped Online While Drunk And Regretted It Deeply

Don’t drink and buy.

Online shopping and alcohol is a dangerous combination, and we’ve got a whole list of people who ended up with strange purchases that they barely may or may not remember making.

See the most regrettable drunk online buys below!

#1 Let’s All Take A Minute To Appreciate This Drunk Amazon Purchase

via: MorganLStamper

#2 Drunk. Got The Dominos Guy To Buy Me Mcdonalds In The Special Instructions Section

via: slapded

#3 We Also Made A Recent Drunken Amazon Purchase For Our Cat That Worked Out Well

via: mybeardismymanifesto

#4 My Friend’s Latest Drunken Ebay Purchase

via: Trizdizzle

#5 My Mom Got Drunk Last Night And Bought My Family A Third Dog. Everybody Meet Hudson

via: Oursisthefury528

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