My 13-Year-Old Son Surprised His 5-Year-Old Sister With Disney Princess Photoshoot

There’s something to be said about brotherly love, and the strength of a sibling bond.

A 13-year-old from Cincinnati asked his mother to get him a Prince Charming costume to surprise his sister with a Disney princess photo shoot as a birthday gift.

Christina Angel says that she was looking for a costume for herself. She had just given birth to her seventh child a few weeks ago and was looking for a princess gown to reward herself with if she “lost the baby weight.” she  told Yahoo Style.“

Her son Anthony was beside her and saw a Prince Charming costume and asked his mom if she would buy one for him. “Belle had just had a birthday, and he wanted to surprise her with a princess photo shoot as a birthday gift,” Angel said

Anthony, a real Prince Charming, made sure every detail was in place, “right down to him shining his dress shoes the old-fashioned way, with solid polish and an old rag,” Angel wrote on her company’s Facebook page.

She loved absolutely every second of her photo shoot with her “favorite boy in the world.” I don’t have to tell you all that, I’m sure you can see in on her face in every photo.

My 13-year-old son Anthony surprised his 5-year old sister Anabel, more lovingly referred to as Belle, with a magical Disney-themed photoshoot

It all started when Anthony said he would like to dress up and plan a photo shoot, since we had recently celebrated Belle’s birthday

We put together the Prince Charming costume and then he chose a Snow White dress to match the blue and red costume he had chosen for himself

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