Group That Skipped On Bar Bill Pays Up After Online Shaming

The internet is always watching

The three men and two women, all in their 20s, reportedly left without paying a $110 bill Friday night at The Brass Tap in Greenfield, Wisconsin. The bar posted a warning on Facebook for the group to come back in and pay their $110 bar tab or “prepare to be prosecuted.”

#1 The Internet Is Watching

Now days the internet seems to be more powerful and diverse than anything else in the world, so when you do something stupid it almost always catches up with you online. After a group of customers skipped out on their bar tab, a Milwaukee owner used Facebook to shame them on the internet, hoping they’d pay

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#2 How Cheap!

The three men and two women who were all in their 20’s decided to skip out on their $105 bill Friday night at The Brass Tap in Greenfield. The bar was furious, posting that they should “come back in and pay or prepare to be prosecuted.”

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#3 Come Back, Or Else…

Even the local TV news grabbed fuzzy surveillance images and posted them all over television. After the post was shared more than 1400 times, four of the five customers to return that Sunday and pay their bill. There’s always that one friend who will never confess if they did something wrong, so that one stayed home!

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#4 No One Got Arrested

They could’ve seriously been in trouble if they never returned, but Greenfield Police Captain David Vitek said the bar owner no longer wants to press charges against the cheap patrons. See, someone is always watching, and the internet will always catch up to you!

via: abc15

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