Journalists Accidentally Confuse A 63-Year-Old Teacher With A Fashion Icon And It Ends Up Changing Her Life

The best mistake that’s ever happened to her

63-year-old Lyn Slater lives in New York and teaches students at Fordham University. She can pinpoint exactly the moment that her life changed forever. A few years ago, Lyn was waiting for a friend not far from the Lincoln Center, where the various shows of Fashion Week were taking place. Some photographers standing nearby mistook the stylish woman for a famous personality in the fashion industry.

Enjoy reading about Lyn’s story and her impeccable taste.

#1 – Meet Lyn Slater

At 63 years old, Lyn Slater is a Fordham University professor who is all about shaping the young minds of future generations, but one day she was mistaken for an influential fashionista and it changed her life forever.

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#2 – One Simple Mistake

While having lunch with a friend at Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week, Lyn was surrounded by foreign journalist who’d mistaken her for a fashion icon with a similar look. Funny enough, this moment turned her into an accidental fashionista!

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#3 – Her View On Fashion

“I think, if you are comfortable in what you’re wearing, no matter how old you are and you’re owning it, you’re going to look completely fine,” Slater revealed.

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#4 – Supermodel

Because of this mistake, she’s now signed to Elite London model management, and has worked for brands like Mango and Uniqlo.

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#5 – Style Icon

Her edgy and trendy style at a mature age has gained 132 thousand followers on Instagram, and she’s now on the watch list as one of America’s most influential trend setters.

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#6 – Acclaimed Blog

She even created a blog titled Accidental Icon, and it’s gained massive attention from fashion lovers around the globe!

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#7 – Fight The Power

Lyn uses her influence to fight against sexism and ageism within the industry and the world!

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#8 – We See You Lyn

“Fashion and my style help me struggle against that invisibility that comes with age,” Lyn told Bright Side

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#9 – Style Is For All Ages

“We use language to control people’s behavior… This phrase is a way of putting older women in their place” was her response when asked if people should “dress their age.”

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#10 – Who Cares?

“I’m certain that if you feel comfortable in your own clothes, it’s completely irrelevant how old you are.”

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#11 – A Star Is Born

Don’t you love seeing a woman who’s not in her 20s take over the fashion world? Just because you get older doesn’t mean you stop caring about the way you present yourself to the world!

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#12 – Embrace Your Age

We really want to be just like Lyn when we get older, because she makes it look fun!

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