See What Your Favorite Cartoon Characters Would Look Like As Adults

See what would famous cartoons look like if they were all grown up

Cartoons are the sweetest memories of our childhood. Do you remember how we were filled with worry and concern about our favorite characters and how we got upset when we missed an episode? Now we are grown-ups, but many of us still enjoy watching our favorite animated movies and series.

Talented illustrator Isaiah Stephens did a series called “All Grown Up” in which he imagined what would it be like if the characters from our favorite childhood cartoons grew up along with us.

#1 – Kid Adults

Cartoons are the best part of growing up as a kid, that and eating tons of sugar after dinner. So what would famous cartoons look like if they were all grown up?

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#2 – The Mastermind

Stewey from Family guy would still be evil as ever.

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#3 – The Hot Nerd

Jimmy Neutron would be the scientific James Bond.

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#4 – The Hipster

Arnold lives in Brooklyn and sips on chai tea at his local bookstore.

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#5 – Still Going At It

Beavis and Butthead will never ever leave that couch.

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#6 – The Most Successful Simpson

Margaret “Maggie” Simpson is a HOT soldier!

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