Steve Harvey’s Staff Reportedly Pissed By His Latest Business Move

Steve Harvey is moving his show to Los Angeles but that’s not the only news.

Television host Steve Harvey allegedly sent an email to the staff of his talk show telling them not to approach him and to never open the door of his dressing room.The email was sent to production staff of the Steve Harvey show at the beginning of the current season.

#1 Steve Harvey Is Pissed

Steve Harvey is pissed off after ending his talk show based in Chicago. Apparently he’s relocating to Los Angeles after something went wrong, and firing all of his staffers in Chi-town. Something went very wrong, and now a lot of people are talking.

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#2 His New Show

He’s allegedly going to be starting a brand new show, entitled “Steve.”

According to an anonymous source:

“He didn’t offer interviews to many people who have been with him since beginning, and hurt lots of people who would move on their own to LA to be part of the new show,” one staffer told Radar. “Steve never even addressed the staff about it. He never said a word about them all losing their jobs. These are die-hard loyal staff members.”

via: iloveoldschoolmusic

#3 No Looking Back

He said that: “As I embark on this new adventure, I’m excited to explore everything Los Angeles has to offer for this new show. […] ‘STEVE’ is going to be different than my current daytime show. The new location will allow me to welcome more celebrity guests and more importantly, let me do what I enjoy doing best, being funny!”

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