Woman Accidentally Goes On Date With ’97-Year-Old’ And Shares All The Details

He was someone’s grandpa, wasn’t he?

Twitter user Priya-Alika Elias, recently shared the story of an OKCupid date that didn’t go so great.The guy she was chatting with ended up being about three times her own age.

This is where it starts getting good.And this is where things start taking a turn for the worse.This woman’s story will have you checking your Internet date a little more closely, just in case they’re, I don’t know, a 97-year-old man.

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Back in 2014 when she was living in Boston, Priya arranged a date with a guy she started talking to on OKCupid.

He didn’t list his age, but she was pretty relaxed about the whole thing and drawn in by his interesting photos and bios.

What could go wrong, right?

Well, as literally anybody who has downloaded a dating app will know.

A lot.A lot can go wrong.

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First impressions of her date weren’t great, Priya didn’t get that love at first sight feeling. There were no butterflies.

In fact, she thought he kind of looked like a bundle of coats.

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The thread has some absolute gems, like ‘we’re not talking doesn’t get memes old’.

Priya presumed the guy had got the wrong end of the stick about OKCupid, perhaps he was just lonely?

A lot of older people are lonely and it’s very sad.

But this man wasn’t lonely.

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Now, get ready for this. It is not for the faint of heart


via: priya_ebooks

While Priya immediately deleted her OKCupid account for obvious reasons, she did eventually return to online dating.Naturally, she’s a little more hesitant about going on dates with men who don’t state their age in their profile.

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