Drake May Not be the Father of An Instagram Model’s Baby, but the Other Potential Daddy is a Famous Rapper Too!

Instagram models get around, it’s just a fact of life. Which means that sometimes finding the real father can be complicated.

Last week it was reported that Drake may have fathered a child with Instagram model Sophie Brussaux. Well it turns out that it’s not 100% certain that Drake is the father. Now there is speculation that another major rap star could be the papa.

Sophie Brussaux models for a living

Well, she is an Instagram model, and we all know that there is a wide gap between being an SI swimsuit gal and an Instagram model. But she apparently managed to get preggo by a rapper, so congratulations to her.

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Last week it was reported that Drake might be the father

But now, we are finding out Brussaux is not sure that Drake is in fact the daddy. Now there is speculation that another major rap star could be the papa.

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And that man is none other than A$AP Rocky

The Queens rapper has one of the best flows in the game, and he has been linked to Kendall Jenner. Brussaux’s publicist Johnathan Hay has not commented after being reached out to.

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What Could this Mean for KRocky?

Yes, that is the morphed combo name we just gave to Kendall and Rocky, deal with it. If the reports are true, could this spell the end of KRocky?

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Brussaux Certainly Isn’t Kendall

While she is good looking enough, she is still an Instagram model. The Kardashian/Jenners, love or hate them, are famous for a reason, and it’s their looks.

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Say It Ain’t So

We like Rocky, and as far as the daughters of Kris Jenner go, Kendall seems shockingly down to earth. We are hoping that Brussaux and Rocky’s potential spawn do not spell the end of this power couple.

via: usmagazine

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