You won’t believe what her neck looks like

Over 5 years ago, a woman decided she wanted to look like her favorite animal — the giraffe. The lengths she went to achieve this gave her worldwide notoriety, but things have definitely changed. Let’s take a look at the story of “the giraffe woman.”

#1 – Giraffe Lady

30-year-old Sydney V. Smith made headlines a few years ago after revealing she deliberately wanted to make her neck long to emulate a giraffe.

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#2 – Haters Said It Was Fake

Of course everyone thought she was crazy, but she stuck to her promise and began to use the classic extended neck jewelry foud in Kayan Lahwi tribes of Thailand and Burma.

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#3 – Ancient History

Slowly but surely, her neck would become as long as this traditional tribe member.

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#4 – Stretch It Out

Over time, she began to notice her neck becoming longer and longer, proving the traditional method worked!

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#5 – See!

She was proud of the progress she made, even wearing giraffe print on her clothes to fully embrace the animal. ‘I really enjoyed the feeling of the rings around my neck. I miss the sensation of the weight on the collarbones, which was in a weird way very comforting.’

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#6 – Record Holder

Sydney has even been featured in Ripley’s Believe It or Not. ‘People have this misconception that they think that your neck is going to look super long when you remove the rings,’ she said.

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#7 – Giraffe Model

Her unique look began to grant her opportunities in the modeling world, showing off her seemingly elastic neck. ‘It was always about the rings, it wasn’t about Sydney anymore. I tried sticking my neck out to make it work but logic kicked in after a while.’

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#8 – She Decided To Give Up Stretching Her Neck

‘I couldn’t function properly as a long neck woman with fifteen rings around my neck in the United States of America.
Unless you are willing to completely isolate yourself and you’re a trust fund baby and don’t ever need to leave the house, don’t ever need to drive, then maybe you can pull it off.’

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#9 – World Record?

Reports say that at one point her neck was 11 inches long! “I spent five years of my life with rings around my neck and I just became very introverted and isolated and felt like the rings were taking over my life in every way,” she described in an interview.

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#10 – No More Rings!

Now that she’s decided to take the rings off, Sydney undergoes therapy to prevent chronic stiffness, explaining her “neck felt very weak, kind of like arms on a toothpick.”

via: dailymail.co.uk

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