Girl Removes Wig After First Date And Guy Has Best Response

What happens leaves everyone in tears…

First dates are one of the most notoriously nerve-wracking events known to man and womankind. You want to make a good first impression, and it’s truly an art form to make the meeting go just right.

People obsess over the potential faux pas that could occur — what if you spill your drink? What if you unknowingly say something that deeply offends the other person?

What if your wig falls off? While that may not be a concern for many people, it was a distinct consideration for a woman named Eve Betts.

‘First Dates’

UK’s Channel 4 had an out of the ordinary episode of First Dates a couple of days ago. Eve Betts has suffered from alopecia since she was three years old, and decided to tell her date Jordan about it. “I don’t have any hair, I wear a wig.”

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“Okay,” Jordan listened while looking at the 22-year-old with a smile. Then Eve removed her wig. A waitress appeared to take their order.

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Freaking Out

“This is going to freak… you came over at the wrong time,” said Eve to the girl. She was watching the events with an open mouth.

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“I’ve got a tattoo at the side of my head.” Jordan and the girl looked at her, then the waitress asked: “Why do you wear a wig?”
“I’ve got alopecia, so my hair, it just falls out.”
“This suits you,” was Jordan’s comment.

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Keep It Off!

She was worried that she might have shocked him. She put the wig right back on.
“It’s so annoying to put it back on,” Eve said.
“Keep it off!” exclaimed Jordan.
Eve excused herself to go to the lavatory.

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In Tears

Away from the date she explained, in tears, how hard it has been. She had been bullied at school for the lack of hair. She said her parents had worked so hard for her to get nice wigs, and that her dad had drawn her first set of eyebrows.
Her condition lead her to do beauty.

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Off It Goes

She said that she would love to find someone like her dad, but a bit taller and with hair, “to give our kids a chance,” she joked. In the toilet, she removed her wig. She looked at herself in the mirror, while saying: “Oh my God.” This was a first for her.

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Back To The Table

She went back to the table. Jordan looked at her with an amazing big smile. “You’re beautiful,” he said.

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The Best Date

“Thank you, thanks.” She smiled back. “This is probably like the weirdest date you’ve ever been on.”
His answer was: “The best date I’ve been on.”

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Happy Contestants, Teary Audience

“I like you… you’re unique,” he said. They both had huge smiles on their faces. Everybody else was crying.

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