Homeless Boy Approaches Car To Beg For Change – But When He Peeks Inside, He Bursts Into Tears

This homeless boy got the surprise of his life when he begged for change. He never expected this…

It’s easy to get caught up in our own needs without thinking of other people, especially when we’re caught up in our own problems. Still, whenever we can step out of our own perspective and help others, amazing things can happen. Consider the story of John Thuo, a homeless boy living in Nairobi, Kenya whose life changed after a chance encounter with an older woman.

Meet John Thuo

John Thuo is a little boy who lives in Nairobi, Kenya. Like many children his age, his life is incredibly hard. He is poor and often doesn’t have enough to eat, because of this, he must turn to begging in order to survive on the streets.

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Gladys Kamande

Then he met Gladys Kamande, a 32-year-old woman. Like many beggars, John took to approaching cars for change. Many drivers assumed he was a robber, as is often the case, but Gladys told him her story. She needed oxygen tanks to breath because of collapsed lungs.

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Then He Did Something Wonderful

No one expected what happened next. John offered Gladys all of his money that he had received from begging that day, as he really wanted her to get better. Passers by noticed the commotion and took pictures, and that’s when this story went viral.

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He Started A Movement

Because of this boy’s actions, the story went completely viral and more and more people started to donate to Gladys. She received the $80,000 she needed to go to India for medical treatment and get her collapsed lungs fixed.

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But Gladys wasn’t the only one who would get a helping hand. A woman named Nissy Wambugu noticed how wonderful this boy was and decided to adopt him. Now he’s getting the opportunity to go to school. All this because he decided to do a good deed!

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