Kendra Wilkinson Just Came At Farrah’s (DAD) With A Lap Dance And Things Got Really Weird

Farrah Abraham and Kendra Wilkinson have enough issues between them for a lifetime of therapy, and it seems they are working on adding even more problems to their plates.

Farrah Abraham and Kendra Wilkinson are on the same reality show

The show, Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Starts Family Edition is a collection of train wrecks, and we can’t help but look. A feud between two of the show’s reality stars, Farrah and Kendra, has arisen, and the details are definitely strange to say the least.

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Farrah Started It

‘ In an interview with The Dirty, Farrah said, “Kendra was doing dances and weird sexual dances at my dad with my mom in the room.” Adding, “I think my parents equally want nothing to do with her and are disgusted by her behavior. When I saw this I literally can only imagine what kind odd open marriage agenda her and her husband have.”’

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Kendra Responded

‘“Farrah’s comments are beneath me,” adding, “I have no idea what her statements even mean.” And it seems that Kendra didn’t like Farrah’s parents, too! She said, “They have serious issues that I hope they resolve.” She continued, “It’s quite obvious she’s using my family’s name for fame.”’


Farrah is definitely known for telling a fib or two

Taking responsibility is not one of her strong suits. In fact, when she was arrested for a DUI, she went on Dr. Phil and gave rambling, nonsensical explanations justifying why she should not have been arrested at all, implying that she was just moving the car a few feet….or something. So, perhaps we should take her words with a grain of salt.

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Turns Out Farrah is Still a Wreck

What else is new? No word on how her little girl Sophia is doing, but with Farrah and her mother acting this way it can’t exactly be a pleasant home environment to grow up in. We may have to tune in for this show…

It seems that there are some serious trust issues going on between this mom and daughter, with Kendra implying that her mom sold stories and info to tabloids, selling out her daughter’s marital issues in order to get a little cash. If so, we can understand why these two definitely need family boot camp.

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