Boy Late For School But He Stops Right Outside the Doors for One Reason

This boy was late for school. Wait till you learn why…

Little Royce Woodrow Thompson may have been running late for school, but nothing was going to stop him from pledging his allegiance to the United States of America.

#1 We Can All Learn From This Boy

A young boy rushing to school one fateful morning is now teaching the entire internet a lesson in patriotism. His name is Royce Thompson, and this story took place as he ran to his school in San Francisco. Heather Nelson, the boy’s mother, explained the whole incident on Facebook.

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#2 Amazing Patriotism

The boy was almost at the school doors when he suddenly stopped. The boy’s mother, confused, told himn “Royce..go..go,” but still the boy couldn’t be moved. But finally she realized why the boy had stopped – he was doing the pledge of allegiance.

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#3 A Cop Saw Everything

A female cop, Cibby Moore, saw the whole incident and was the first to catch on to what the young patriotic boy was doing. She also correctly recognized that the boy was praying – because prayer is not allowed in school. Royce told local news after the incident:

“I said a prayer. Thank you God. Thank you for giving me a wonderful day.”

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