Cops Interview Felons Charged With Sexual Assault. They’re Shocked By HOW They Choose Victims

These cops reveal how predators choose their victims. This changes sexual assault…

#1 Clothing

Police recently interviewed several rapists in prison to try to understand their motives. One of the big things rapists look at when considering a sexual assault victim is their clothing. They want to be able to rip or tear off the clothes easily. Sometimes they will use scissors.

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#2 Distracted

They also look for women who are distracted. They could be talking on their cellphone, looking through their purse, or otherwise not aware what’s going on. Women who can be caught off guard are easily overpowered, and that’s what they want.


#3 The Number One Spot

The number one spot where women are abducted is grocery store parking lots. A tip is to look the potential attacker straight in the face and ask them a question like what time it is. That way, you can identify them later in a police line up.

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#4 Hairstyle

Another thing rapists look for when choosing a victim is their hairstyle. They prefer women who have braids, buns, and ponytails. This is because rapists like to grab a woman’s hair to control them. Women with shorter hair are usually left alone.

via: shareably

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