Man Says He Decapitated His Own Mother After She ‘Put Hit On Him’

They’re calling it a “family disturbance.” That’s quite an understatement…

Phoenix police arrested a man who said “he cut his mother’s head off…because she put a hit on him.”

Police report that on May 4 they responded to an apartment near Cave Creek and Thunderbird roads, where they discovered Maggie Chiquito lying on a recliner, “with a fatal cut to her neck with a knife in her hand.”

#1 Marlow Carlos Chiquito Arrested

This man was just arrested for fatally stabbing his own mother in the neck. According to police: “he cut his mother’s head off while inside the apartment because she put a hit on him.” He was high on meth and had drunk a fifth of vodka.

via: abc15.

#2 First Degree Murder

This man won’t be cutting any more throats any time soon. He’s been arrested and he’s being held on a 1 million dollar bond for first degree murder. While it’s great that they managed to catch the guy, I’m sure the mom’s family would rather have her back

via: abc15.

#3 Shocking

It’s stories like these that remind you just how shocking the world is. How is this still happening today? Is it the fact that there is so much poverty in America? Poverty leads to desperation and desperation leads to violence. It needs to stop.

via: theradicalnotion.

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