Mom Left Furious After 11-Year-Old Makes Dark Discovery…

Getting used anything can be fraught with peril, but this is just absurd.

While rifling through the booklet of a used version of Grand Theft Auto V he just purchased from GameStop, an 11-year-old boy found a baggie containing six grams of meth. Florida mother Kayla McAllister posted on Facebook Sunday saying her son found a bag of meth in the case of a used game bought at a GameStop in Tallahassee, Florida.

#1 One mom found something shocking

Her son went to GameStop to buy some used games, but he left the store with more than he had actually purchased. All he wanted was Grand Theft Auto….

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Instead, the mom, named Kayla, posted on Facebook noting another item inside the game case

“Today I took my son to GameStop in Tallahassee to trade in games and get some new ones,” she wrote. “When he opened the booklet inside one of the pre-owned games he (MY ELEVEN YEAR OLD SON!!!!!!!) found this. A baggie of fucking meth!,” she wrote. “Clearly the game was not properly checked when it was traded in and because of the carelessness, I could have lost a child.”

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She was understandably upset

“Thankfully he brought it right to us and said what is this? My fucking 3-year-old daughter could have gotten a hold of this!

“I’ve filed a police report and contacted corporate and waiting to hear back. PLEASE CHECK ALL THE PRE OWNED GAMES YOU BUY!!!”

Good advice.

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