Mom Whose Son Hanged Himself Because of GF’s ‘Prank’ Suicide Reveals the Girl’s Infuriating Response

The definition of a prank in 2017 is a far-cry from the innocent activities that are a right of passage for young adults.

On March 14, a Michigan mother came home to find every parent’s worst nightmare.Katrina Goss went upstairs to check on her son, 11-year-old Tysen Benz. That’s when she found him hanging limp in his bedroom.

The reason? A social media prank that his very own 13-year-old girlfriend orchestrated.

His girlfriend and her friends created a sick plan to orchestrate her own suicide in order to trick Benz.She pretended that she had killed herself while her friends sent Benz social media posts and text messages confirming the lie.

#1 – Katrina Goss saw something no mother should ever see

When she returned home on March 14th, but when she went upstairs to check on her 11-year-old son Tysen Benz, she saw her boy lying limp, apparently having hung himself.

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#2 – The hanging was the result of a prank

To make matters worse, it was Tysen’s own “girlfriend” who had been the orchestrator of the “prank”. The 13-year-old had colluded with her own friends to fake her suicide, a “prank” which was meant to merely scare Tysen. Obviously, he took it hard.

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#3 – Now, Katrina Goss is speaking out

“She had pranked her own death. I don’t know what possessed her to do such a weird prank. It’s a twisted, sick joke.” The girl confirmed the prank in texts and social media posts.

via: ijr.

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