Olympic Star McKayla Maroney Appears To Have Gotten Butt Implants, Look At Her New Booty

No way… McKayla Maroney got butt implants? Now she looks incredible…

Look at those buns, hun! Four years after becoming an overnight viral sensation for her “not impressed” face at the 2012 Olympics, McKayla Maroney, 21, is still making front page news. This time, however, it has everything to do with her larger-than-life booty that made its “world premiere” on Instagram on May 12.

#1 This Star Just Upgraded Her Booty

McKayla Maroney is all the rage in the gymnast world. She’s considered one of the hottest Olympic athletes in the world, but now it seems like she’s getting hotter and hotter every day. Just wait until you see her latest twerking video…

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#2 Thong Twerk

She’s always had a a social media presence that’s really hot, but this is taking it even further. Her latest twerking video, which she posted on Instagram recently, has the whole world staring. She wears just a thong, and wait till she turns around…

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#3 Implants?

That booty looks a hell of a lot bigger than it used to. And fans around the world are beginning to catch on. Some are even claiming that this is evidence that the young Olympian just got butt implants. But is this really the truth?

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Others have pointed out that this is probably just the result of good old fashioned exercise. And because she’s an Olympian, she definitely knows how to get her body nice and tight WITHOUT any surgery. Still, it DOES look bigger…

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#5 Always Hot

Maybe her booty has gone through a few changes recently. But McKayla was ALWAYS hot. Judging by this heart-stopping silhouette of her lovely curves, you can see that this girl was born with a fantastic ass, and she doesn’t really need implants.

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#6 Judge It For Yourself

Maybe you need to see the full video for yourself before you can make up your mind about whether she actually got implants. So here it is, fresh from her Instagram page. You may need to play it over again a few times, in order to get a clear picture…

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