Here Are The Proper Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

Sleeping while pregnant can be hard, so give these positions a try

One of the hardest things about pregnancy, is trying to get a good night’s sleep. You’re hot and sweaty, uncomfortable, your hips are aching, and your heartburn gets worse when you lie down.On the rare occasions you are tired enough to overcome all of these sleep hurdles, the baby starts doing acrobatics and using your bladder as a trampoline.

So, with all of that in mind, I’m now going to (hesitantly and politely) tell you about the proper sleeping positions during pregnancy

#1 Uncomfortable

The farther along in your pregnancy, the harder it can to sleep because of your growing belly. Also, back pain, heartburn, and nausea can be major contributing factors.

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#2 SOS

This sleeping position is called SOS, or Sleep On Side. It increased blood flow, not only throughout your body, but to your baby.

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#3 Easier To Breather

Sleeping on your side can also make it easier to breathe.

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#4 Prop Yourself Up

Propping yourself up on some pillows can alleviate acid reflux and heartburn. Reading propped up can lull you into a comfortable sleep.

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#5 Less Pressure

Propped up on your side is the best of both worlds. It increases blood flow and alleviate pressure on your upper abdomen.

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#6 Full Body Pillow

These full body pillows are a life saver when it comes to sleep, alleviate pressure on your lower back and hips.

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#7 No Business

Make sure not to bring business to bed. Your bedroom should be a device free zone to ensure better sleep.

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#8 Your Bed

Make sure you have a well supportive bed, even if you have to go buy a new one or add a pad to the bed.

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#9 Temperature

A cooler room is better to sleep in, especially for pregnant women with raging hormones.

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#10 Avoid Long Naps

Though you may be tempted, long naps during the day will making sleeping through the night difficult.

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