Video Shows Incident at School 2 Days Before 8-Year-Old Boy’s Suicide

Warning: this story does not have a happy ending.

Security footage shows her 8-year-old Gabriel Taye, falling unconscious at a Cincinnati school in an incident that may have led to the boy’s suicide two days later, an attorney for his family said.
Gabriel was found dead in January after he hanged himself with a necktie in his Cincinnati home, according to the attorney.

#1 Gabriel Taye was being bullied

The 8-year-old, who was a student at Carson School in Cincinnati, Ohio. A video has emerged that shows Taye, and possibly other students, being bullied by a classmate. The shocking news is that Taye would be found dead two days later, with the initial ruling being a suicide. He was found by his mother hanging at home, a tragic and unforgettable sight.

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#2 The video shows Taye reaching out to shake the bully’s hand

They are in the school bathroom, and when the culprit grabs Taye’s hand he pulls him down to the ground. Screenshots show that Taye’s legs are visible while he lay motionless on the ground for about 7.5 minutes. It is unclear whether he hit his head when he fell down. The initia

via: theindychannel.

#3 Cincinnatti public schools released their own statement

It said that the video did not show other students beating on Gabriel. What, then, did it show, we ask? About a dozen parents showed up to school the morning after the incident became public to protest bullying. “We all need to share our support as parents,” she said. One mother says bullying is a chronic problem at the school.

via: theindychannel.

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