Worker Hide THIS Dirty Secret At Cashier Station For Months, Then Someone Saw It

You’ll never guess what this worker was doing… This is dirty…

Every day for several months, customers at a Missouri Sam’s Club came through Jalissa Brandon’s line, paying for their purchases and moving on, not realizing what she was hiding behind her register. Her secret started shortly after she was hired. A couple of months later, someone saw it, but it was already too late.

#1 She Stole Thousands Of Dollars

This Sam’s Club employee was recently arrested for scamming the store she worked at out of thousands of dollars. She used a secret trick to get money from the store on three separate occasions, and now we’re beginning to learn how…

via: rightwingnews

#2 Jalissa Brandon

Jalissa Brandon actually stole customer’s cards while they were preoccupied at the line up. The credit cards have money on them. Also, she replaced cards with fake ones sometimes. She was caught on camera doing this and now she’s paying the price.

via: rightwingnews

#3 She Then Went To WalMart

This selfish individual then went to walmart to spend other people’s hard earned cash. This is just one example of credit card fraud, and it’s happening all over the world. You need to be very careful of who you give your card to…

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