This Baby Has Never Eaten Sugar In Her Life, What She Looks Like Today.

We could all learn a not so sweet lesson from this baby.

When you hear the words “baby food,” what comes to mind is probably something along the lines of a small glass jar of pureed sweet potatoes or carrots purchased from a grocery store shelf. Or, maybe you’re thinking of a slice of toast with the crusts cut off.

You almost certainly aren’t envisioning a quarter of an avocado, a scoop of sauerkraut, eggs fried in coconut oil, and a small serving of steamed vegetables…but that’s exactly the sort of breakfast that Brisbane, Australia, mother Shan Cooper serves her infant daughter on an average morning.

#1 – Young Mother

Shan Cooper is an Australian young mother who is very concerned about what she feeds her baby. She knows how important the food is we eat, especially for a developing baby. Some people might consider her diet choices unusual, but you cant argue with how healthy she and her baby look.

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#2 – No Sugar

Shan decided to not let her child, Grace, have any sugar. From this mere act, the child has had only one cold, despite being around other runny nose children. Cooper herself had many allergies until she made this change in her diet to wonderful results.

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#3 – Paleo Diet

Shan adheres to the new and old “Paleo Diet,” which is based on what cavemen ate. No prcessed foods, no dairy, cutting out grains, eating only meats, vegetables, fruits and eggs.

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#4 – Super Immune

This healthy diet has enabled Grace to have s super immune system. She still eats “normal” foods such as a dinner being grilled chicken grilled in coconut oil, a sweet potato and broccoli.

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#5 – Looking Healthy

You can see how healthy Grace looks and while Shan knows that she will undoubtedly pig out on sugary foods at things like birthday parties. But she is confident the child will end up not feeling good from the junk food and self regulate what she eats.

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#6 – Good Mama

Some nutritionists have warned that this diet can have some health issues such as a lack of balance by not having legumes and grains. While tey say the lack of milk can lead to future problems, Shan says she breastfeeds the child twice a day and may introduce dairy in her diet when she gets a little older.

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