She Buys PVC Pipes And Hangs Them On Her Wall. $20 Later, I Must Have This In My Home!

So simple yet clever

There’s people that have a gift for remodeling. Take Shelley Detton for example, she’s a mom who moved to a different house and wanted to give herself a nice office to work from home.Using just a few dollars worth of PVC pipe and black spray paint, Shelley turned an office look into something straight out of a Pier 1 catalog.

She used furniture, rugs, and drapes from various parts of her old house, and just regrouped to fit this new space. Take a look at how she managed to pull this off so nicely.

#1 – DIY Home Office

With just $20, Shelley Detton transoformed her office into something amazing using PVC pipes. Don’t you love it when people use non-traditional materials to make their home look like it belongs in a magazine?

via: 7layerstudio.typepad.

#2 – She Describes Each Step On Her Blog:

“I didn’t want to spend a fortune on these walls, and I wanted the drapes to completely cover the space between the windows, so I knew I could get away with the 45 angle PVC couplers and the super cheap curtain rod brackets.
I painted the pipes black with spray paint that’s especially designed for plastic, and I only had to buy 2 unfinished finials for either end of the curtain rods (which I also painted black, obviously).”

via: 7layerstudio.typepad.

#3 – Perfect Fit

“To make the finials (which come with a screw inserted in them already) attach to the ends of the PVC, I could have glued wooden dowels inside the ends and then screwed into that, but instead I sprayed some of that expandable caulk sealant stuff (the foamy kind that expands and then hardens) into the open ends of the PVC, then taped the finials in place on the end before the foam had a chance to expand/escape/ooze out the end.”

via: 7layerstudio.typepad.

#4 – 30 Minutes Later

” Once it hardened (about 30 minutes) they were firmly secured in place and I didn’t have to go try and find a dowel that would fit just right inside the pipe.”

via: 7layerstudio.typepad.

#5 – A Whole New Space

“This is my side of the room. Except normally there are a bunch of papers from my sketching and all the stuff the kids noodle around with everywhere. No, I didn’t clean up just for the photo – I just took this as soon as I was done decorating = before we had a chance to mess it all up!”

via: 7layerstudio.typepad.