This Cruise Ship Was Left Abandoned For Years, But What Was Left Inside Is Haunting

This spooky cruise ship was abandoned and left untouched for years. What they found inside will haunt your dreams…

The Costa Concordia was one of a kind. The luxurious cruise ship wowed just about everyone who stepped foot on it. This monstrosity of a ship was christened in 2006 and housed over 4,000 passengers at a time. With 1,500 cabins, a casino, and a multi-level theater, the ship was basically a mobile ocean city. Sadly, on January 13th, 2012, the Costa Concordia sunk when it struck a rock formation as it departed from a town in Italy. The ship has since been pulled from the water and the effects of the crash are now more apparent than ever.

#1 – The Costa Concordia

The Costa Concordia used to be one of the best cruise ships in the world. Today, it is a shadow of it’s former self.

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#2 – It Sank In 2012

The ship sank in 2012 when it veered too close to an island near Italy. This event made the news worldwide.

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#3 – An Abandoned Theater

This used to be a theater that would hold hundreds of people. Look at it now…

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#4 – A Destroyed Casino

This used to be a place where passengers could gamble. If only the ship had better luck with its sailing…

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#5 – This Room Is Spooky

This room is one of the spookiest photos to come out of the ship. Something about it just gives me the creeps.

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#6 – This Staircase Used To Be Beautiful

This staircase used to be one of the focal points of the entire ship. Can you hear the children giggling as they run up and down the steps?

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