Girl’s Tattoo Falls Off And Leaves Horrendous Scar After Using Removal Cream

You won’t believe what happens when this woman tries to remove her tattoo… Gross…

Tattoo regrets are nothing new or shocking. In fact, I’ll bet you know someone who has a tattoo they regret – you might even have one yourself. When it comes to the removal of a tattoo, it can be a slow, expensive and painful process.

Rather than go down the traditional laser removal route, one woman, Pasuda Reaw, decided to use a tattoo removal cream to get rid of the ink on her collarbones and chest.

So this was the tattoo Pasuda was keen to get rid of…

She Wanted This Tattoo Removed

A woman named Pasuda Reaw recently posted her efforts to get rid of her tattoo on social media. It went horribly wrong.

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Her Method

The chest tattoo is admittedly a bit of an eyesore, so it’s understandable that she would want it removed. But it’s the method she chose that spelled doom for her…

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She Used Cream

Instead of going to a clinic and getting it professionally removed with, say, laser treatment, she chose a different method. She bought some questionable “tattoo removal cream” and tried that instead. Big mistake…

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The Horror

I guess I forgot to warn you that these pictures are going to be extremely gross. Well… You know now! Needless to say, the tattoo cream didn’t work so well.

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