She Shares A Picture-Perfect Photo Online, But Then Strangers Notice Her Leg Looks Strange

It’s amazing how strangers can alert us to problems we may not even know we have.

A teenage girl, whose right leg swelled to twice its size, hopes to inspire others with her body-confident bikini picture.

Isa-Bella Leclair was born with Parkes Weber syndrome

The condition causes a side effect known as lymphedema, which caused Isa-Bella to experience fluid buildup in her right leg from an early age.

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Over time, the buildup got worse

Eventually, the leg grew to twice its original size. By the time she was ready for college, the leg itself weight 40 pounds.

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It prevented her from normal things

She was not able to play sports, and finding a pair of jeans that fit her right was darn near impossible. Still, she did not hide her leg in photographs and in general, showing self-confidence and bravery rare in a 19 year old. But she entered a beauty pageant and won!

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The girl from New Brunswick, Canada shared a special selfie

All of the photographs she shared has caught the attention of admirers including Manon Tardif, who is assisting Isa-Bella in compression therapy that works to move the fluid in her leg back into her lymph system.

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Her family and friends admire her

That includes her sister Danyka, who does not have the sydrome. She tears up while saying how much she admires and is proud of her sister’s constant positivity. She is truly an inspirational young lady!

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