Her Stalker Set Her On Fire. 2 Years Later, She Removes Her Mask And Shows Her New Face

Some things in this world are too cruel to be explained, but this woman has bounced back with a new face and lease on life.

The 28-year-old was doused with methylated spirits and set on fire by a woman jealous of her beauty two and a half years ago in a horrific premeditated attack to ‘ruin her pretty face’.On Sunday, after 30 months of agonising reconstructive surgery and more than 30 procedures, the Perth woman will take off the mask that she’s been forced to wear to cover her burnt face.

#1 This is Dana

On the left is Dana, a woman who dealt with an obsessive mad woman tracking her moves. When he became angered after observing her talking to an ex at a New Year’s party, his obsession turned to rage.

#2 Women are Jealous By Nature….

The woman who was obsessed with her was actually the wife of Dana’s ex, and she was in fear that the beautiful blonde was getting too close to her man for comfort.

#3 A Jealous Lover

Natalie Dimitrovska, pictured to the left, was on drugs when she broke into Dana’s apartment in the night, sprayed chemicals on her, and set her on fire. Dana reported hearing her laugh as she departed.

#4 Unrecognizable

64% of Dana’s body was covered in third degree burns, which is the most painful and damaging level of burn. Her own mother did not recognize her.

#5 In Recovery

Through the surgery and recovery process, it is clear that Dana’s captivating eyes would remain in tact no matter what was lost to the burns.

#6 The Mask of Anonymity

This was the mask Dana was forced to wear for 30 months. The device which kept her face free from infection left her feeling like “a nobody” in her words.

#7 The Bravest Witness There Could Be

Many victims of violent attacks, especially cruel burnings, find it nearly as traumatic facing their attacker as the accident itself was. Still, Dana was able to show up in court to testify against her abuser.

#8 The Attacker Gets What She Deserves

Although Dana did not end up dying, she was in serious risk after the accident and easily could have succumbed to infection. The woman behind the attack was sentenced to 17 years imprisonment.

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