After 11 Years Together, Carrie Underwood’s Husband Discloses Life Changing News

Carrie Underwood’s husband has some big news. This is crazy…

When country music superstar Carrie Underwood wed dreamy hockey player Mike Fisher, they knew there would be a few strains on their marriage, given both of their extensive travel schedules and intense professions.

Yet, they both believed their deep love and faith would see them through. And thanks to an understanding hockey team general manager, the distance between them wasn’t as far apart as they had worried it would be.

Read out their story below.

#1 – Carrie Underwood Has Some Big News

Ever since the beginning, Carrie Underwood’s relationship seemed rock solid. Mike Fisher, her husband and father of her children. He’s also a hockey player for the Ottawa Senators. But as they found out, their two careers were causing some major problems.

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#2 –

Long Distance

They realized that their two careers meant they would be spending a lot of time apart. Carrie Underwood was spending the majority of her time in Nashville, whereas Mike Fisher was stuck in Ottawa playing professional hockey.

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#3 – It Was Easy At First

However, the many miles between them wasn’t as big of a deal as it would be for most families. These two are both extremely rich, so traveling back and forth was not a problem for them. Although Underwood makes more, both partners are multi-millionaires, so a plane ticket is nothing to them.

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#4 – The Strain

Even with their frequent flights to see each other, it still wasn’t enough to help their straining relationship. They realized something would have to be done to save their marriage. But then something amazing happened to Mike Fisher…

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#5 – He Got Traded To Nashville

Mike Fisher had long been expected to be traded from the Ottawa Senators to a different team. He had no idea where he was going. When the day finally came, he was called into the manager’s office and was told he would be playing for Nashville… The same city where his wife lived!

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#6 – Divine Intervention

Both Underwood and Fisher believe strongly in God, and they think that it was none other than divine intervention that brought them together. However, the NHL knew about the couple’s situation and pulled the strings necessary for the couple to live together in the same city. They are very thankful.

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