Stop Holding Those Farts In. Here Are 7 Unexpected Health Benefits Of Passing Gas

Farting is part of every day life, so let them fly

Despite the fact that farting is not the best sound you can hear, neither the farts smell nice, it is indication that your digestive system is well-functioning and there is balanced level of gut bacteria in your stomach. Probably all of you would agree that farting is not the most glamorous way to show that you are healthy, but it is completely natural thing.

Scientists have proved that the fart is consisted of:

A fart is made up of the following …
9% nitrogen
21% hydrogen
9% carbon dioxide
7% methane
4% oxygen
1% hydrogen sulfide (this is what makes it smell)

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It Feels Good

A good reason to not hold in your farts, it feels so damn good to release them. Come on admit it. You like it.

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Bloat Reduction

Aside from feeling good, there are health benefits to farting. It reduces bloat, making you feel thinner.

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Balances Your Diet

The smell and frequency of your farts can determine if you are eating the wrong foods. Red meat makes your farts smell bad, and beans make you fart a lot.

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Reduce Abdominal Pain

Gas pains are no joke. When you hold in your farts, they don’t go away. The gas builds up and soon you’re in excruciating pain.

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Colon Health

When you hold in your farts you can inflame your colon and produce hemorrhoids. In fact, doctors warn people with colon problems to not hold in their farts.

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Smelling Your Farts

When you fart you produce hydrogen sulfide which is actually good for you to breathe in. Now that doesn’t mean you should go around sniffing butts like a dog, but smelling your own is healthy.

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Food Allergies

Farting can alert you to food allergies. A typical person farts 10 to 14 times per day. if you’re farting more than that after eating certain foods, you may have a food allergy.

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