89-Yr-Old Gets Evicted. As She Leaves Neighbor Hands Her Something That Leaves Her STUNNED

This 89-year-old woman got evicted. But there’s a surprise…

Angie Tyma has lived in the same house in Hudson, Florida for the past 35 years. The feisty 89-year-old has become a staple of the neighborhood – everyone knows her and loves her.

That is why it was such a shock to see her get thrown out of her house and all of her belongings forcibly removed.It turned out that Angie had sold the house several years ago. The person she sold it to lives in Europe, and Angie has been paying rent to stay in the house.

Unbeknownst to her, though, the person had stopped paying the mortgage and the house had gone into foreclosure.Angie finally received an eviction notice, but she didn’t think she would get tossed onto the streets.

#1 Meet Angie Tyma

Angie Tyma is 89 years old and she’s lived in her neighborhood for years. Living in Hudson, Florida, she’s made friends with all her neighbors. But she shocked everyone when she was forcibly thrown out of the house. But wait till you hear what happened next.

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#2 Landlord Threw Her Out

As it turns out, her landlord threw her out of her house after she had sold it but continued to live in it by paying rent. “They threw me out,” she said. “I couldn’t believe it.” That’s when one neighbor bought the house back and let her stay in it.

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#3 Danielle Calder

That kind neighbor was named Danielle Calder, and she bought the house on auction for over 165k. She said she couldn’t face losing Angie as a neighbor. Of course, she’s 89 so they won’t have to wait long before they own the house!

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She will be forever grateful for Danielle’s incredible act of kindness.

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