The Biggest Lies We Were Told About History

History is not always as factual as we would like to believe.

It’s hard knowing whether or not the historical information that is being told to us is actually true. We’d like to think that the people who are telling us these historical facts know what they are talking about and aren’t making stuff up.

But is there really a way to tell if historical events actually happened? I mean, historians weren’t there when the events took place, right? Here are 7 of the biggest historical lies we were told about:


While Native Americans were undeniably the original inhabitants, there is evidence that nomadic tribes who crossed the Bering land strait across Alaska, as well as Vikings shortly after, arrived long before Chris Columbus’ celebrated arrival date of 1492.

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“The British are Coming”

It’s actually been well established that this line was likely never uttered by Paul Revere, though it makes for some great patriotic stories.

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Viking Helmets are Not How We Imagine Them

The horned viking helmet, similar to the one seen here, is probably not what actual Vikings wore. The horned helmet was used approximately 1,000 years ago during the Bronze Age for religious ceremonies, but probably not by Vikings.

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A Knight’s Armor

Knight armor is portrayed in popular culture as being excessively heavy, but in reality the average suit of armor weighed between 30 and 50 pounds.

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How Long Has Stonehenge Really Been Up?

Most people believe that the 4,000 years which Stonehenge is purported to have remained unchanged is unrealistic, with restorations having certainly been undertaken during that time.

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The Van Gogh Myth

The legend is that after being left by his lover, Vinny Van Gogh cut off his ear and mailed it to her. Some records suggest that Van Gogh had a bit too much to drink with a friend, cut it off, and delivered it to a random woman at a bar.

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The Sphinx’s Nose

Some legends hold that the nose was shot off by none other than Napoleon Bonaparte, but historical pictures show religious leader Muhammad Al-Sa’im Ad-Dahr destroyed the nose when people were found worshiping the Sphinx, which goes against the tenets of Islam.

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