This Girl Got Back at Her Ex Boyfriend in an Amazing Way

When Maria was dumped by her boyfriend of 11 months, right before the prom, she thought that was the worst of it

Being dumped sucks. Being dumped one week before prom? WOW. That’s bad. Maria from Colorado was dumped by her boyfriend of 11 months one week before her senior prom. To add insult to injury, her ex asked for the $95 he gave her for the party bus back to take a different girl to a different prom.

#1 – The Prom

When Maria was asked to the prom by her boyfriend of 11 months, she was so exited. Sh picked out the perfect dress and shoes, and they got a limo to drive them to the venue. Her boyfriend paid for the tickets and everything was set for a magical night.

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#2 – Unthinkable

Then the unthinkable happened. Her boyfriend dumped her right before prom. Devastated, Maria was left with her dress and shoes, but feeling sad. She had no idea whey he would dump her after they had been dating for almost a year.

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#3 – Bad To Worse

As if dumping her right before prom wasn’t enough, her ex-boyfriend asked for the ticket money back, And, he wanted it right away. Maria was shocked, This guy she thought she knew was being so horrible to her, but soon her sadness turned to anger.

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#4 – The Truth

She found out that her boyfriend was actually going to another prom instead. He wanted the money back so he could buy tickets to the other prom. Maria was surely angry by now, but then she hatched a plan to get back at him in the best way.

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#5 – Pay Back

She paid him back, and even dropped the money off at his front door. However, it was not what he expected. Instead he got jars of pennies with a note. Even better, Maria posted the picture and story on social media for everyone to see how bad this guy was.

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#6 – Still Going To Prom

Then Maria gathered up her besties, put on that dress and shoes, and went to the prom anyway. This girl deserves an award for picking herself up and getting back at that deadbeat boyfriend. We hope she had a fantastic night at the prom.

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