Baby Horse Was Drowning, But A Beautiful Stallion Performs The Most Amazing Rescue

This baby horse was getting pulled under the water. But his dad came to the rescue…

This is a story about one herd of feral horses and how the stallion in the herd, Champ, saved her drowning daughter. It’s an amazing story—one all animal lovers will appreciate, especially horse lovers.

#1 – This Young Horse Almost Drowned

A video of a young horse almost drowning is going viral. Miraculously, a stallion managed to save her from the river, and all of us are breathing a sigh of relief.

via: pawpulous.

#2 – Wild Horses

This wild horses are some of the most beautiful creatures on earth. They’re native to Arizona, and one lucky photographer saw something special…

via: pawpulous.

#3 – A Young Filly

Is there anything cuter than a baby horse? This is known as a “filly,” and although they’re cute, they’re also very vulnerable.

via: pawpulous.

#4 – Mom And Dad

The whole herd was enjoying some down time by the river. Mom and dad were messing around by the river’s edge.

via: pawpulous.

#5 – Then Disaster Struck

The mare and stallion weren’t looking as their young daughter started to wade too deep into the river. She began to be swept away…

via: pawpulous.

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