Ever Wondered Why Is There A Small Loop At The Back Of Your Shirt?

It’s the little things we take for granted

If you’ve ever noticed, there is a tiny loop in the back of men’s shirts. Most likely you never even questioned why it’s there, but there is a reason. It was invented way back when fashion was more about comfort and sense, than looking good.

Hanging Your Shirt

Back in the day they didn’t have closets and hangers, instead they had hooks. When you removed your clothing you would place it on a hook, and often times the hook would leave marks on the clothes. Other times, the clothes would fall off the hooks.

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In the 1960’s manufacturers began putting these little loops in the back of men’s shirts. They became known as locker loops or fruit looks. Back then, if you didn’t want a loop you could request a shirt without one, but now they are on most shirts.

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The idea of hanging shirts by the loop began in the United States, but then spread to the rest of the country. This way, shirts were not wrinkled or falling on the floor. They were safely placed on the hook by the loop until the man wanted to wear it again.

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Different Sizes

The loops just became part of the shirt, and began to take on different shapes. Over time, and with the use of hangers, there was no real need for the loops, but fashion designers kept them anyway as an homage to times of the past. This happens a lot in fashion.

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While men have kept the loop on their shirts, women’s shirts are still buttoned the opposite way. Another homage to the past when the elite women had someone to dress them. It was easier for the person dressing them to button the shirt that way.

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