Most Expensive Liquids In The World That Are Almost Impossible To Buy

These liquids are damn expensive.

What commodity do you consider to be expensive?

The only liquid most of you will be able to think of is water, and that, as we all know, doesn’t really count as expensive (strictly talking in monetary terms, of course).In fact, after much thought, one might even come to the conclusion that there aren’t many liquids which can be called expensive.
However, such a conclusion would be wrong. And, to prove that,here is a list of most expensive liquids found on this planet. Also, in case you think that alcohol is featuring in the list, you’re completely wrong! *a clean list ahead*
Check it out!

#1 – Human Blood

Blood shouldn’t cost a lot because it is relatively in abundance, right? But frankly, that doesn’t help lower the cost of blood at all. The cost of blood mainly depends on the blood type – there are a few types which are quite rare, and thus are quite expensive.
But apart from that, it’s the cost of processing which makes it so damn expensive.

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#2 – Gamma Hydroxybutyric Acid (GHB)

GHB natural occurs in the body’s nervous system, but when synthesized it can be sold as a drug known as “Liquid ecstasy.”

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#3 – Black Printer Ink

Companies like to sell printers at a low price, only to earn that money back by jacking the price up for black ink. Pretty good scam.

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#4 – Mercury

Mercury is the only metal to be in liquid form at room temperature and was once used in medicine, until it was found to be toxic.

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#5 – Insulin

Insulin is biologically nesesary in our bodies and some people are not able to produce it, thus creating expensive demand for the supply.

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#6 – Chanel No. 5

You wouldn’t know it by their cheesy commercials, but Chanel #5 is absurdly expensive.

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#7 – Horseshoe Crab Blood

The blood of the Horseshoe Crab is very important, as it is used to determine if a medical product is contaminated.

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#8 – LSD

Created by the government, LSD was meant to be a truth serum, until the hippies help show it was good for other things as well.

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#9 – King Cobra Venom

While the King Cobra venom is extremely poisonous to humans, there is a key ingredient used in making painkillers and antivenom.

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#10 – Scorpion Venom

Scorpion venom is very deadly to humans but can be extracted and used for a number of different medicines.

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