Guy Oversleeps And Fails To Keep His Promise To His Girlfriend, And Her Revenge Is Hilarious

What’s a lady to do in a state of affairs like this? Precise sweet revenge, after all.

Natalie Weaver, a receptionist from England, had plans to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon together with her boyfriend, Stephen Corridor. The one drawback was that the man obtained loaded the evening earlier than, and was just about unresponsive after hitting the pillow at 6 AM. What’s a lady to do in a state of affairs like this? Precise sweet revenge, after all.

Stephen was out cold, so Natalie got to work, Snapchatting the entire thing live as she tackled it. When her unwary guy awakened at 4 AM the next early morning, he got rather a surprise upon searching in the mirror. “ He was simply surprised and asking exactly what ’ s took place. I attempted to persuade him he had actually gotten back like that, ” Natalie informed Daily Mail. As soon as the preliminary wonder faded, nevertheless, the set both broke up about it. “ There was a great deal of chuckling however he wasn’ t mad … I ’ m amazed he slept through all the laughing. I remained in outright hysterics. It was insane. ”

As hilarious as the little prank was, Stephen ought to be on his best behavior from now on, knowing what his girlfriend is capable of. “He is a lot of fun but I think he’ll think twice before doing this again.” See the power of Natalie’s wrath below!

Natalie had plans to spend a beautiful Sunday afternoon with her boyfriend who promised to take her out

Instead, the night before he got a bit too drunk so the next day he was out cold sleeping

Natalie decided if her boyfriend can’t take her out for some fun she’ll have her own fun with him instead

Stephan was out cold, so he did not feel a thing when Natalie started her makeover revenge

She even did his nails in a trendy holo colour

The makeover left Stephen looking fabulous

When her unsuspecting man woke up at 4 AM the next morning, he received quite a surprise

“He was just shocked and asking what’s happened. I tried to convince him he had come home like that”

“I’m surprised he slept through all of the laughing. I was in absolute hysterics. It was crazy.”

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