This Home Was Abandoned In 1939. 70 Years Later Someone Finally Opens The Door.

Who knew this was waiting for 70 years? This is stunning…

#1 – Just Another Apartment

For 70 years, everyone thought it was just another apartment in Paris. But 70 years later, an auctioneer opened the doors to find priceless artwork waiting…

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#2 – Madame de Florian

Madame de Florian was just 23 years old when she abandoned her apartment and evacuated Paris. The locked the door behind her.

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#3 – The Nazis Were Coming

The mighty German army had just crushed the French on the battlefield and were marching towards Paris to occupy it. The young Madame de Florian wanted to get our before they arrived.

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#4 – She Fled South

As you can see, Madame de Florian thought her only option was to flee to the free zone in the south. She never returned.

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#5 – She Passed Away

She never returned to the apartment, but she died at age 93. An auctioneer was then able to enter and sell her valuables.

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#6 – Speechless

Everyone was speechless when they first opened the doors. No one expected the apartment to contain this many treasures…

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#7 – Time Capsule

The apartment was like a time capsule from the time of WWII. There were even mickey mouse and porky the pig dolls that seem like relics now.

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#8 – Her Art

But by far the most valuable of her possessions was her art collection. This amazing painting is of Marthe de Florian, the apartment owner’s grandmother.

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#9 – Giovanni Boldini

The painter who created this piece of art was none other than Giovanni Boldini, a very famous painter. This makes the painting priceless.

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#10 – Millions

There are many priceless things in this apartment but that painting was the most valuable. It sold for $3.4 million dollars…

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