Mom Invites Principal To Go Shopping After Her Daughter Violates School’s Ridiculous Dress Code

his mom challenged the system head first, and we just wish we could see the principal’s reaction.

The heat is rising with summer approaching, and so are the number of school administrators policing girls’ clothes with dress code policies. But one mom is not having it, and she wrote an epic letter to her daughter’s principal asking if they would like to take her daughter shopping instead.

Dr. Catherine Pearlman’s daughter was reprimanded at her school for wearing shorts that ‘didn’t come all the way down to her fingertips,’ she decided to write the principal a scathing letter that is now going gloriously viral.

Pearlman, a licensed social worker and author,initially published her letter on NBC News’ TODAY Parenting Team community blog, and has already received over 400 upvotes, as well as thousands of likes and shares from other websites. He 13 years old daughter,was subjected to a practice adopted by most public schools – banning shorts that aren’t longer than a girl’s fingers. Can we talk about how problematic this is for a second?

As if it isn’t bad enough that girls are more likely to be penalized by the dress code than boys every time, they’re often made to feel responsible for its existence. This mom challenged the system head first, and we just wish we could see the principal’s reaction. Read the entire letter below, and weigh in with your opinion at the end!

This 13-year-old girl was dress-coded by her school for wearing shorts that didn’t come down past her fingertips

Her mom,decided to pen a scathing open letter to the school principal over the incident

2 days in a row? Seriously?

She decided the best way to address the issue was to write a letter:

That’s right – this beautiful young girl’s body is not a sexual object, no matter what she’s wearing

The mom received an outpouring of support from others also fed up with antiquated dress codes

What do you think? Have you or your child ever tangled with the infamous school dress code?

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