Woman Shoots Home Invader Dead, Cops Find Out He Wasn’t Alone

This woman shot a home invader dead. Then they found what was in his car…

A San Antonio woman was awakened in the afternoon hours to the sound of someone breaking into her home through a bedroom window. As she reached for her gun and took aim, the home intruder fell where he stood when she put at least one bullet in him. Even though the fatal daytime home invasion was truly shocking, cops were even horrified by what they found in the intruder’s car.

She Shot And Killed An Intruder

A woman in San Antonio, Texas, recently shot a man who was trying to break into her home. But the craziest thing is that she shot the man right in front of his 7-year-old son, who the robber had decided to bring along with him on the robbery.

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Not Murder

It’s not murder in Texas to kill someone who is breaking in to your property. The police therefore are treating this a routine matter, other than the fact that his son was involved. The boy, who is now without a father, is going to be helped by the authorities.

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Other Methods

Could the woman have shot him without killing him? You actually have to be a really good marksman to shoot to wound. She was probably so scared that she just shot at him and it happened to kill him. All you can say is that the man shouldn’t have tried to rob her.

via: americanow

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