Dog Left To Die With A Taped Mouth And Legs Can’t Stop Wiggling His Tail After Being Rescued By Plumbers

A dog who was tied up and left for dead has been given a second chance after being rescued and is now looking for a new home.

Plumber Carlos Carillo from Texas, had set off for work last Friday when he came across the abandoned animal at the side of the road.

Carlos admitted that he had not known it was a dog until pulling over to inspect a creature struggling to move in a ditch on the side of a highway.When he and his colleague pulled over to take a closer look the pair were horrified to discover the young pup who had been tied-up left for dead by a heartless owner.The dog’s paws had been bound with plastic tubing and then fastened with duct tape so that he had no chance of moving.

Speaking to The Dodo Carlos said: ‘He was very loving and liked the attention. He knows he was saved.’

After freeing the dog Carlos and his colleague took the animal to Peewee’s Pet Adoption in the hope of fining him a loving new home.A spokesperson at the shelter told The Dodo: ‘His tail won’t stop wagging. He’s such a sweetheart.’While the mutt escaped his ordeal relatively unharmed though the vets discovered he was suffering from heartworms which can take 60 days to treat on a course of antibiotics.

The person who so heartlessly left the dog to die wasn’t found, but at least thanks to the plumbers, the dog got a second chance at life. All he needs now is a loving forever home.

Carlos and his partner captured some photos, in which pet’s instant gratitude can be seen.check them below.





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