Mom Has Stressful Day At Home With The Kids, Then Toddler Shares With Dad The Real Story

When this toddler tells Dad about her day it will melt your heart

Mom rose to the occasion no matter what challenges were thrown her way – until she heard her daughter tell dad about what happened.

It all started when dad simply asked his little girl, “How was your day?” Her response took mom by total surprise. Just by looking into her eyes, it was obvious his little girl was telling the truth.

#1 – Hard Day

This mom was having a hard day. Her toddler and baby were fighting and she had to break it up.

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#2 – Grocery Shopping

Taking two babies to the grocery store was stressful as they whined and the baby pulled everything into the cart.

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#3 – Traveling

It was hard getting the kids in and out of the car with all the crying

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#4 – Spills

And then her toddler dropped an entire cake on the floor. Mom told the story to her husband and was clearly tired.

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#5 – Toddler Story

Then Dad asks his toddler how her day was, and he gets an entirely different story.

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#6 – Play Time

She told Dad how much fun she had playing with her baby sister.

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#7 – Grocery Shopping

And she loved going for a ride in the shopping cart. ‘It was so much fun’.

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#8 – The Best Part

Then she tells her Dad that the best part of her day was getting to eat cake off the floor. It’s all perspective and showed this family what really matters.

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#9 – A Normal Day – YouTube

Thank you moms for being there in every normal, mundane moment

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