Where Are They Now? The Stars of Footballers Wives 10 Years Later

An ITV drama about the players of fictional football club Earls Park F.C and their wives, from its 2002 start Footballers Wives was an immediate hit, running for four years before it’s cancellation in 2006.

Full of cheating, murder, and catfights, we were sad to see it go.

Have you ever wondered what your favourite actors were up to afterwards?


Gary Lucy

Gary Lucy played Kyle Pascoe who married Chardonnay in a fairytale wedding, but then she died from anorexia. Lucy went on to star in The Bill on ITV, playing Will Fletcher and placed second in Dancing on Ice, before taking on the role of Danny Pennant in Eastenders.

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Susie Amy

In the role of Chardonnay Lane-Pascoe, Susie played the role of the glamour model who wouldn’t give it up, even after she was married to Kyle. Before the end of Season 3, her character died of anexoria. In 2003, Susie on th New TV Talent Award at the Television and Radio Industries Club Awards. Since then she has taken on roles in House of 9, Echo Beach, and Coronation Street.

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Ben Price

Ben Price joined the show in Season 3, playing the bixesual, blonde Beckam-style football player and marrying character Amber Gates. The playboy had an affair with Tanya Turner and filed for divorce from Gates, but but neither women knew he also had an affair with his gay teammate Noah. In Season 4 his character was killed off by an accidental gun shot wound. Since then he started Bolo Films, his own production company.

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Christian Solimeno

As the bad boy Jason Turner, Christian Solimeno played Tanya’s husband, who cheated on her with football teammate Kyle’s mom, and impregnating her. In Season 2, Jason met an untimely death when he was pushed by Chardonnay off of a rooftop. The actor has since appeared in The Vicar of Dibley, Strictly Confidential, and Hollyoaks.

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Zoe Lucker

Zoe Lucker played the Queen of the show, Tanya Turner who did anything and everything to stay on top, even swapping babies with Amber to fudge with paternity tests. Since the show’s ending, Lucker has appeared on Eastenders, Waterloo Road, and Holby Blue. Currently, she has taken on the role of Reene McQueen in Hollyoaks. Still a Queen.

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Gillian Taylforth

As Jackie Pascoa, Gillian played Kyle’s mother who got pregnant by his teammate Jason, and married Roger Webb, the club manager, before leaving to live with her son in Australia. The actress went on to play Sandy Roscoe on Hollyoaks and then returned to Eastenders reprising her role of Kathy Beale.

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John Forgeham

As the chairman of Earl’s park Frank Laslett was played by John Forgeham, who got into a fight with Jason and Tayna in the very first episode, ending up in a coma. Soon after waking up, he forgave the couple, but then ended up marrying Tanya, whom he impregnated before she killed him by causing him to have a Viagra induced heart attack. Since then Forgeham went back to film acting before passing away in 2017 from internal bleeding.

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Jesse Birdsall

Jesse played Manager Roger Webb who married Jackie Pascoe, Kyle’s mother, but ended up being killed in Season 5 by Garry Ryan, the new chairman. Jesse went on to star in Hollyoaks as gangster Fraser Black.

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Alison Newman

Newman played Hazel Bailey who was always doing what she could to get her own way, becoming the club’s chairman. She eventually left to become a tennis agent. Newman went on to take roles in Doctors, Casualty, Call the Midwife, and currently in Eastenders as DI Samantha Keeble.

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