Grandma Buys $4,000 In Gift Cards, Then Target Cashier Realizes It’s Scam

This scamming grandma didn’t fool this cashier. The nerve of some people…

Target employees Matthew Tebbens and Mariah Thomas felt something was terribly wrong when the elderly couple came into the store to buy too pricey gift cards.

Cashiers To The Rescue

Two Target cashiers are being praised by the Hanover County Sheriff’s Office in Virginia for their sharp eyes in spotting a scam. If it wasn’t for them, a customer would have gotten away with over $4,000 in gift cards as part of a scam.

via: youtube

Matthew Tebbens

Matthew Tebbens was one cashier who spotted a grandma doing something very strange. It was he who called the police and allowed this grandma to get apprehended. If it wasn’t for him, she would got away scot free. Great job!

via: youtube

Praise From The Sheriff

The local sheriff has only words of praise for this cashier, saying: “As law enforcement officers, we can’t be in all places at all times. It warms my heart to see our citizens go above and beyond to help each other, which in turn acts as another set of eyes and ears for the Sheriff’s Office,”

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