People Are Freaking Out About This Japanese Woman Walking In Pigeon Shoes

Somebody from Japan has just come up with pigeon shoes, and everyone started asking why?

A Japanese woman recently went viral for her fancy DIY shoes.

Wearing shoes that resemble a pair of pigeons, the woman was spotted trotting in a public park. Images of her pigeon shoes have hit the internet and a collective “why?” has echoed on social media.

Meet Kyoto Ohata,

She has created a hilarious pair of pigeon-themed high heels and everyone is freaking out.Only a few know that actually these shoes serve a very specific purpose.

Ohata often walks through an area that’s filled with pigeons and the birds scatter in fear when she strolls down the pavement. So, not to scare the pigeons, she decided to disguise her human presence with a pair of DIY shoes that look just like the pigeons themselves!

If you want these shoes for yourself, here’s how you can make them:

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