Mom Gives Birth To A 13.5Lbs (6Kg) Baby, And Her Photos Become Internet Sensation

It was a birthing miracle she didn’t see coming.

On May 15th, mother of four Chrissy Corbitt gave birth to her daughter Carleigh, who ended up to be quite a big of a bundle of joy. Literally.

Proud mum Chrissy Corbitt welcomed a 13 pound, five-ounce baby girl – almost twice the average weight of a baby girl – at the Orange Park Medical Center in Florida.

Larry Corbitt said. “We even contacted Pampers and Huggies to help us out because everything we got to prepare is just out the door. None of it fits. She’s in size 3 diapers. Chrissy likened the size of her baby Carleigh to a toddler’s and bought her outfits meant for a nine-month-old.

Chrissy told ABC News,’When the doctor was pulling her out of me I just start hearing them all laughing and excited in the operating room,’.’They were throwing out numbers and when they showed her to me and said 13.5, I couldn’t believe it.’It looked like they pulled a toddler out of my belly. She’s so big.’

doctors performed the C-section and were equally as shocked when they pulled Carleigh out.Her husband Larry, who was eagerly awaiting the delivery, recalled: ‘It was so funny because she had a C-section so all the blankets were over her so you couldn’t see what was going on.

The baby was so heavy they were expecting Chrissy to deliver twins.
‘The doctor said, “Oh my gosh, she’s going to be 15-pounds.” I remember the doctor saying, “I don’t think this baby is going to end. Are there two of them?”She’s huge.”

To celebrate the birth of their daughter, parents Larry and Chrissy decided to have a sweet photoshoot with photographer Debbye Benson of Sweet Smiles Photography Studio. You can check out the pics below.

It was a birthing miracle she didn’t see coming.

Watch this video to learn more about the 13.5-pound baby:

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