He Asks A Lady Why She Didn’t Get Off The Plane During A Delay. What Happens Next Stunned Everyone

A plane flying from Seattle to San Francisco was diverted. The plane landed and passengers were told that they could get off and re-board in 50 minutes. Everyone got off except a blind woman and her guide dog. The dog had been lying quietly under the woman’s seat throughout the flight. The woman was known by the flight crew, and the pilot offered to take her dog out to stretch his legs.

All the people in the gate area stared when they saw the pilot, wearing sunglasses walk off the plane with a guide dog for the blind! People made a mad dash and scattered! Many of them tried to change planes, some of them tried to shift to another airline!

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Lessons from this story: 1) things are not always what they seem 2) if you don’t laugh at least once a day, it is a wasted day! Share away, people!

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