This Neighborhood Planned A Sweet Revenge On A thief That Kept Stealing Packages

When Tom Mabe kept noticing that his packages were missing from his front porch, he decided to teach the culprit a lesson that would not be soon forgotten. Mabe rigged a box to explode 40 seconds after is was moved. Inside the box was – well, poop. He did a test run with a box before setting the decoy on his porch.

Sure enough, the thief came by and stole the box of poop! The guy got back in the car, and it drove off. Mabe had a security camera on his front porch and got a good look at the guy responsible. Then, forty seconds later BOOM! Exploded poop all in the car! The guy had to get out of the car, and it looked like he lost his lunch!

Take a look at this video!

Mabe was able to access his home security camera from work and got to watch in real time. Share away, people!

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