Teen Notices Creepy Man At Target Moving Closer To Little Girl, Then His Gut Says ‘Stop Him Now’

A teenager in Boston is being hailed as a hero after he stepped in to protect a little girl in Target. The girl had been the target of a pervert earlier this week. CBS Boston reported that 17-year-old Cameron and his mom, Heather Cook, were shopping at Target when they saw the man looking at the girl – it was an unsettling look.

Cook said she could smell alcohol on his breath. Then man made a sudden move for the girl and Cameron stepped up and asked the man if he knew that little girl. The man was suddenly defensive and said: “I’m not a pervert.” The man left the store after Cameron told him to go. Cook said she was proud of her son for standing up to a much bigger man to help a little girl.

Take a look at this video

Cameron says he was happy to have been there to help. Share away, people!

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